Pitch to Win

Delivering winning presentations with substance and sizzle!

Critical Issues Facing Sales Professionals and Managers

  • Confidence – how you manage your emotions
  • Preparation – how you plan, design and rehearse your presentation
  • Style – how you come across
  • Content – your story and what you actually say
  • Structure – how the content is presented
  • Audience – How to manage and lead the unpredictable variables
  • Energy – how to create the best environment to present in
  • Value – How to create a story with meaning, relevance and a call to action

Nine Nine’s Pitch to Win Training

resenting to an audience is essential for all sales professionals, whether it’s 1 to 1, around a table or to theatre filled audience. And while some presenters light up the floor and leave the audience wanting more, others fall flat and leave attendees wondering why they are even there.

In Nine Nine’s winning presentation program we offer a enjoyable and transformational workshop that will help you develop your presentation skills and present with substance, style, and sizzle.

Working with your natural style, content, and structure inherent to all presentations, this workshop draws on world-class delivery skills to empower you to prioritize your key messages and draw out your own personal presence —whether you’re speaking to one person or an arena of ten thousand.

By putting these proven techniques into practice, you’ll be able to advance your nonverbal communication, increase your impact, and make attention-grabbing presentations that are audience-centered, memorable, and highly effective.

In this enjoyable workshop you will:

  • Experience how to grab your audiences’ attention in your first sentence
  • Learn how to engage your audience throughout your whole presentation
  • Learn why storytelling is an effective way to present.
  • Learn three presentation story templates to take the pain out of presentation design.
  • Build your personal confidence levels
  • Identify your personal ‘archetypes’ of dullness and how to eliminate them!

This workshop will enable your account teams to:

  • Use your presentation as an opportunity to differentiate
  • How to overcome fear and nerves
  • How to construct a story and message – with or without PowerPoint
  • How to present with impact and make a lasting impression
  • How to think on their feet
  • Have better professional vocabulary
  • Make your presentations attention-grabbing and highly memorable
  • Improve your non-verbal communication and increase your impact
  • Prepare effective audience-centred presentations
  • Be ready for questions – however challenging
  • How to read the room better
  • Manage your emotional state to enhance your presentations
  • Engage and create a good relationship with your audience
  • Adjust your message and style to suit the situation
  • Know how to inspire others
  • How to close a presentation and deliver a call to action

Program content is highly customized to salespeople, new business teams, bid managers, new business generators, their managers, and senior executives

Available through 1 day classroom delivery (Nine Nine-led or train-the-trainer), online eLearning, one-on-one coaching, or webinar; wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning are also available.