How to benchmark a sales leader and team that sells
Selection I Development I Alignment I Succession Planning

Talent Management Solutions can help organizations predict performance, drive productivity and provide a deliberate platform for development.

  • Selecting the right people for the job and organization
  • Developing employees on critical competencies
  • Aligning job competencies with expected performance metrics
  • Matching talent to business strategy, goals, and customer deliverables
  • Measuring potential versus actual performance to accurately pinpoint developmental needs
  • Identifying high-potential employees and managing succession
  • Helping businesses keep employees engaged and motivated
  • Measuring the competencies necessary to meet company goals

Nine Nine provides assessment and development centers to help identify the right emotional and behavioural competencies for every role in your organisation and provide a multitude of assessment tools, scenarios and platforms to measure the competence. And then, provide the analytics and development platform to transform your workforce into the high-performance team necessary to thrive.

  • Helps select higher-quality candidates faster and with more accuracy
  • Increases retention due to better job fit
  • Accurate development plans
  • Standardise job competencies
  • Focused development based on role competencies
  • Helps hire and onboard individuals with focus on business strategies

The whole organization from Reps to Vps.

Our Assessment and Development Centers are highly customized to any level, from new to experienced sales VPs.