Winning Presentation

Based on our book Present Naked, Winning Presentations will show you how to design and deliver a presentation with substance and sizzle!

Critical Issues Facing Sales:

  • Presentations fail to deliver differentiation
  • Presenters are poorly prepared and lack any ‘sizzle’
  • Improved visibility into the pipeline and accuracy of the forecast
  • Strengthened conversation skills  that uncover the client’s challenging issues
  • Expand existing relationships by reaching new decision makers

Some people light up the room when they present, whilst others, only light up the room once they’re finished!  Both are choices…

Communicating with an audience is essential for professionals in almost every field. And while some presenters light up the floor and leave the audience wanting more, others fall flat and leave attendees wondering why they are even there.

In Winning Presentations, Nine Nine offers an essential resource that will help you develop your presentation skills and present with substance, style, and sizzle. Providing proven coaching and development techniques, this program brings together the very best tools, frameworks, and practices to assist you as you increase your personal confidence and ability—whether you’re speaking to one person or an arena of ten thousand.

Working with the style, content, and structure inherent to all presentations, this program draws on world-class exhibition skills and even adapted theater methods to empower you to prioritize your key messages and draw out your own individual style.

By putting these proven techniques into practice, you’ll be able to enhance your nonverbal communication, increase your impact, and make attention-grabbing presentations that are audience-centered, memorable, and highly effective.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to increase their sales performance by:

  • Making their presentations attention-grabbing and highly memorable
  • Improving their non-verbal communication and increase your impact
  • Preparing effective audience-centred presentations
  • Being ready for questions – however challenging
  • Managing their state to enhance their presentations
  • Engaging and creating a good relationship with their audience
  • Adjust their message and style to suit the situation
  • Know how to inspire others and introduce change
  • Being able to create compelling stories
  • Creating sales messaging that clearly presents your value proposition

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